Zukunftstaxi Information For Taxi Companies and Drivers

Hamburg's taxis are going emission-free! If you work in the taxi industry in Hamburg, learn how you too can join the future of mobility.

Image composition: the upper part shows the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg; the lower part shows slogans and sponsors of the Hamburg Zukunftstaxi project.

Zukunftstaxi for Companies and Drivers

The funding contingents for the e-inclusion taxis and the conventional e-taxis from the 1st funding round have already been fully exhausted. Interested Hamburg taxi companies can submit an application for the 2nd funding round as of 1 October, 2021. The application forms and the donation guidelines can be found below (in German).

Zukunftstaxi (lit. ‘Future Taxi’) is a joint project between the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Hamburg’s taxi associations and brokers, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and, last but not least, Hamburg’s taxi companies. This is supported by the partners Deutsche Telekom, Stromnetz Hamburg, HAMBURG ENERGIE, HySolutions, Moia, Taxi Times, the Bundesverband Taxi und Autovermietung e. V., as well as several vehicle manufacturers and local vehicle dealers. 

This project brochure (14985474) (in German) provides a comprehensive overview of the goals, subsidies, available vehicles, charging infrastructure and electricity price offers, as well as the support and assistance provided by other partners. 

Zukunftstaxi aims to convince Hamburg’s taxi companies and drivers to begin switching to emissions-free vehicles now and to show that the Hamburg taxi industry has once again recognised the signs of the times and become part of the mobility transition. The options for passengers who need to be transported while seated in their wheelchairs are also to be improved. Zukunftstaxi particularly encourages this. 

For those in the taxi business, it is also a matter of keeping up with the competition in the context of the evolving mobility market and of continuing to offer passengers what taxis actually do best: a contemporary, reliable, friendly and individual mobility experience that is available around the clock.

Zukunftstaxi looks forward to working with you and all project partners! 

Information for Companies and Drivers