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Professional language courses provide the German skills you need for your job. Find out everything about the requirements and special courses here.

Professional language course

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Professional language courses can improve your chances on the labour market. Basically you must have completed an integration course or another language course to prove a language level of B1 (according to the Gemeinsamen europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen (GER)). 
Two basic courses are offered:

  • Level B1 on level B2 and 
  • Level B2 on level C1. 

There are also special courses for people who have completed an integration course but were not able to reach level B1 yet. During these courses it is possible to reach level A2 or B1. 
Entry requirements:

  • You are an immigrant, EU citizen or German with a migration background
  • You have completed an integration course or have otherwise acquired language level B1 according to the Gemeinsamen europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen (GER)

In addition, one of the following conditions must also apply to you:

  • You need the German language skills to enter the job market or are in training or looking for a training place 
  • You are registered as a job-seeker and/or receive unemployment benefit
  • You already have a job, but your German language skills are not sufficient for your daily work routine.

Costs and registration:

Courses are free of charge for unemployed persons. Please contact your local job centre (Jobcenter) or the employment agency (Arbeitsagentur). Employed persons with a taxable income of more than 20,000 euros (per person) or more than 40,000 euros (per household) pay a contribution to costs of 2.07 euros per lesson.
For advice and registration please write an e-mail to
In the basic courses you will learn German that you will need . You will learn the vocabulary, idioms and grammar you need to communicate adequately at work. The course will enable you to write professional e-mails and letters or to understand texts such as operating instructions. You will also be prepared for professional life by expanding your knowledge of job interviews and employment contracts.
The special courses are aimed for people who are in the process of obtaining professional recognition for nursing and medical professions, as well as for people who require German language skills in the technical or commercial fields and are deepen specialist knowledge.

Would you like advice on your options for attending a professional language course? If so, please contact our Welcome Desk:

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