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Whether or not you have already completed a German language course, various online offers can help you to improve your German language skills.

"Ich will Deutsch lernen" Portal

The internet portal „Ich will Deutsch lernen“ provides over 11000 exercises for listening, speaking, reading and writing. The platform, created by the German Adult Education Association, includes a German course with digital learning materials, which corresponds to integration course curricula. In addition, you can learn and improve your language skills according to your specific line of work. To get an insight into the spoken German language, you can watch the online soap opera “Schnitzel und Dolmades“ with 45 episodes.

Registration is required, use is free of charge.

“Einstieg Deutsch“ App

This learning programme for beginners is self-explanatory and easy to use. Being designed for refugees in particular, the app's focus lies on the immediate use of language in typical everyday situations. The app offers full translations in ten languages and can also be used offline.

The download is available for the operating systems iOS or Android.

“Mein Weg nach Deutschland“ Courses

At the Goethe-Institut, you will find a variety of free courses to expand your knowledge of German. For instance, you can have dicussions with other German-speakers in the blog “Der gute Freund”, make online exercises for communication in business, expand and strengthen your vocabulary with the vocabulary trainer app or get in touch with the working day in Germany on the page “German at work” via videos and interviews.
Get started and go to “Mein Weg nach Deutschland”.

Deutsche Welle Courses

Deutsche Welle is a state-owned radio and television broadcasting corporation for people abroad. At the Deutsche Welle website, you can find out more about the latest news from Germany and the world. With many, partly interactive contents, you can practice and expand your German skills according to your level of knowledge: The placement test, for which you can register for free, helps you to find out your current language level.

Technical dictionary “Arabterm”

The online dictionary “Arabterm” provides an overview of central technical terms in four languages: German, English, French and Arabic. This allows you to acquire important expressions from various fields - for example electrical engineering, renewable energies or automobile technology.

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