Child Benefit

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Child Benefit

All children from birth up to the age of 18 years are entitled to receiving child benefit. Get more information here.

Child Benefit

he family funds support families with the payment of child benefit. Child benefit is paid by the family fund on a monthly basis, irrespective of income, upon application, if the eligibility conditions are met. 

Who receives child benefit?

  • Citizens of the EU, EEA and Switzerland.
  • Nationals of the treaty states: Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, if other conditions are fulfilled, e.g. the pursuit of employment subject to social insurance contributions or the receipt of unemployment or sickness benefits.
  • Citizens of other countries with a settlement permit or a residence permit with unrestricted permission to work.
  • Refugees and persons entitled to asylum who are unappealably recognised.

Important: Only one eligible person receives child benefit for each child. Eligible for child benefit are, for example, the natural parents, grandparents and foster parents or the step-parents. 

When applying for child benefit, the tax identification numbers of the person entitled to child benefit and of the child or children must be stated. 

How high is the child benefit?

Since January 2018, child benefit has been paid monthly in the following amounts:

  • 194 euros each for the first and second child,
  • 200 Euro for the third child 
  • 225 Euro for each additional child.

How long is the child benefit paid?

Child benefit is paid for all children up to the age of 18, but only under certain conditions, e.g. school or vocational training of the child. In principle, child benefit can be paid up to the age of 25 at the latest. For further information, please contact your family fund. An information sheet on child benefit with further information is also available.

Information and application:

The child benefit will be applied for at the Family Fund. Applications must be submitted in writing or online to the relevant family fund. 

Contact and opening hours:

Postal address:
Family Fund North, 20069 Hamburg

Visiting address:
Familienkasse Nord
Nagelsweg 9
20097 Hamburg
Monday - Friday 8:00 -12:00 o'clock
Thursdays additionally 16:00 -18:00 clock

Phone: 0800 4 5555 30 (free of charge)

Child Benefit