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The state supports low income families in raising children by providing child allowances. They are paid by the Familienkasse office.​​​​​​​

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In addition to the monthly, state-paid child benefit (Kindergeld), lower-income families may be eligible for supplementary benefits to help secure their livelihood.

Who is entitled to child supplement?

Parents and single parents may be entitled to receiving supplementary child allowances for unmarried children below the age of 25 who are living in the same household. The following conditions must be met:

  • Child benefit (Kindergeld) or a similar benefit is already being received for the child
  • The gross income of the parents is at least EUR 900, for single parents EUR 600 
  • The gross income does not exceed the maximum income limit. The calculation of the maximum income threshold depends on the cost of living of the parents and is calculated by the Familienkasse authorities per case
  • The child supplement is enough to cover the family's financial needs so that there is no longer any need for unemployment benefit II or income support (Sozialgeld)

How much is child supplement?

The amount of child supplement depends on parents' income and assets, with a maximum of EUR 170 per child per month in addition to the regular child benefit (Kindergeld).

Information and application

You need to apply for child supplement in writing at the local Familienkasse authorities.


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