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Some occupational groups are subject to statutory pension insurance despite being self-employed.

Pension insurance for selfemployment

Pension Insurance for Self-employment

Many self-employed people are automatically covered by pension insurance.

The following occupational groups may be subject to statutory pension insurance  under certain conditions:

  • Teacher and educators
  • Nursing, weekly care, suckling care, infant care
  • Geriatric nursing
  • Midwife, Childbirth nursing
  • Pilot
  • Coast skipper and –fisher
  • Artist and publicists
  • Housetraders
  • Selfemployed people with only one principal
  • Crafts men, as far as thy are entered in the handcrafts register, working  actually selfemployed and the trade is subject to registration

If you do not belong to one of these occupational groups or if you are only marginally employed (earned income below 450 euros per month), you are not subject to pension insurance compulsary and can apply for compulsory insurance (application) or take out voluntary insurance (application).

You must submit an application for compulsory insurance within 5 years of starting work. If you do not want to apply for compulsory insurance, you can consider whether voluntary insurance is an option for you. You are free to choose the amount of your contribution (minimum fee 83,70 € monthly and maximum fee 1,246,20 € monthly).

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