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Legal regulations Transfer of the EU Blue Card to a new passport

You have a new passport or your old passport has become invalid? Then there are now some things to consider!

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Transfer of the EU Blue Card to a new passport

If your passport is invalid, then you must apply for a new passport at your embassy. This new passport must then be transferred to your residence card. Since your residence card refers to your old passport, this card is no longer valid. It must therefore be rewritten. However, your residence title EU Blue Card is still valid. 

If your EU Blue Card is only valid for 6 months anymore, it is advisable to have your EU Blue Card residence permit extended before applying for a new passport. For this purpose, you can contact the Hamburg Welcome Center or your responsible immigration authority

If your residence card has not yet been reissued and you would like to travel, you can still do so, even if you cannot get an appointment at your district office at the last minute. Re-entry into Germany is possible without any problems if your residence title Blue Card EU is still valid and you still have the old passport. 

Take the old and the new passport as well as the EU Blue Card with you on your trip. 

However, we recommend that you check the entry and exit requirements of the destination country before traveling abroad (e.g. at the Federal Foreign Office / Embassy of the destination country). 


  • Main residence in Hamburg 
  • Personal visit with appointment 

Transfers are only carried out at the Hamburg Welcome Center and also at the responsible immigration authority by appointment. 

Required documents 

  • Your new passport 
  • Your old passport (If your passport was stolen and you reported the theft to the police, please bring the report with you). 
  • Your EU Blue Card, together with the supplementary sheet ('Zusatzblatt')
  • 1 recent biometric passport photo (35mm x 45mm, frontal shot with neutral facial expression and closed mouth looking straight into the camera, light background