Online Event | May 17th, 2022 Find your way through the tax jungle

The Hamburg Welcome Center helps newcomers to get an overview of the German tax system.

Symbolic image: Tax Classes in Hamburg, Germany

Online-event - Getting Started for Newcomers: Find your way through the tax jungle

Whether by going shopping, at the gas pump, drinking beer or heating your home - everyone pays taxes. They are the most important source of income for the state. Every tax euro collected flows in the total volume of the state budget, from which expenses for the common good are financed. The Hamburg Welcome Center provides a general overview of taxes in Germany and will also show you how you might be able to reclaim taxes. Don’t worry: Many things are not as complicated as they seem at first.

Therefore we will speak with you about the following topics:

  • General information about taxes
  • Income tax including tax return
  • Value added tax (VAT)
  • Where to find help on tax issues

5 pm on May 17th 2022

Our speech will take about 40 minutes. Afterwards there is time to answer your questions.


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