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Travelling to Hamburg by car? Find a parking facility near your hotel or business centre and learn about costs, regulations and signage.​​​​​​​

Parking in Hamburg is rather inexpensive. In some areas close to the city centre, parking is even free of charge if you don't mind a short walk. However, restrictions apply to residential areas. Metered parking is available in many streets on a pay-and-display basis. Disc parking is still common in Hamburg and across Germany. Discs are available at petrol stations.

Car parks are generally safe and often offer designated parking for families with young children, women, and motorists with disabilities. Signs indicate reserved parking spaces and restrictions regarding time and type of vehicle, e.g. taxis. We admit, this can be confusing, but you will always find parking if you follow these simple rules:

  • Look for and follow the blue and white P-signage.
  • Signs indicate car park locations and carry their names, often a landmark or shopping mall nearby.
  • Numbers on the signs show vacancies at individual facilities.
  • Entry points are named 'Einfahrt', exits 'Ausfahrt'. Pay attention: many car parks use one-way-traffic throughout.
  • Most facilities do not have attendants. Pay for parking at the ticket machines before returning to your vehicle.

Take a look at the map to find a car park near your destination.

How To Use the Map:

Enter your destination into the car park search, or click on the symbols to show vacant parking spots and opening hours at parking facilities across town.

Click on 'What are you looking for?' and check 'Parking spaces' to display designated parking areas for buses, motorbikes, drivers with disabilities or charging stations for electric vehicles. Other options include current road works, public transport stops, speed camera locations and more.  

Parking for motor homes is available across Hamburg. However, spaces are limited. Several privately owned companies operate facilities for motor homes. 

Be advised that some of the pages are in German, but they should be self-explanatory.

When in doubt, we recommend using public transport to get around Hamburg, as 24-h Park&Ride options are available at many stations. A collection of parking fines is probably not something you want to take home as a souvenir from Hamburg.

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