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Maritime Sights

Think Hamburg, think harbour! Walk the tunnel, climb the masts, tour the docks and enjoy a concert. Your next stop: Landungsbrücken piers!

Living and Breathing Landmarks

The Alster Swans

The swans on the Alster lakes have a special meaning for Hamburg — so don’t you dare to insult them.


Hamburg’s Buoy-Men

Like Hamburg’s Alster swans, artist Stephan Balkenhol’s floating statues reappear on the water every spring.


Cap San Diego

Former cargo ship MS Cap San Diego is a floating museum and more. Visit the exhibits and then book a night aboard the ship!

Interactive Port Experience

Discovery Dock

Located beside the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, Discovery Doc provides an interactive experience of Hamburg’s port.



Not only is this ‘shipshape’ office building on the banks of the Elbe in Altona an eye-catcher, it’s also a walk-up attraction.


Fish Market

Every Sunday morning, the Hamburg Fish Market by the Elbe attracts thousands of visitors, night owls and early birds alike!​​​​​​​


Feuerschiff LV13

This former firefighter ship turned event location and hotel is anchored in the harbour next door to the spectacular Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.​​​​​​

Maritime, shopping & dining


Looking for a river view without the tourists? Hamburg’s Holzhafen area awaits.



Hamburg's oldest standing historic warehouse is home to the IMMH — an extensive maritime exhibit in the Speicherstadt.


Landungsbrücken Piers

Spectacular views, historic waterfront buildings and a public transport hub? Look no further than St. Pauli's Landungsbrücken.​

Maritime memorial

Madonna der Seefahrt

This widely visible bronze monument at the fish market in St. Pauli honours men and women of all nations lost at sea.


Old Elbe Tunnel

Always free to pedestrians, the St. Pauli Elbtunnel (or Alter Elbtunnel) connects the Landungsbrücken piers with the port.

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