Plan Ahead Valentine's Day

Want to surprise your significant other for Valentine’s? Make it a day to remember in romantic Hamburg.

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Valentine's Day in Hamburg

If you are in Hamburg in February, you’ve come to the right place to for a picture-perfect Valentine’s Day. Here are some suggestions how this special day can stay forever in your lovers’ memory.

Start the day early and take a chilly winter morning walk along the Isebek canal. The Isebek market, Europe’s longest weekly market, stretches out along the waterway. An endless array of traders offer everything the heart can desire. Isn’t this a perfect opportunity to surprise your heartthrob with a small bouquet of freshly-cut flowers?  

If you walk eastwards you will reach Cafe Isekai. In addition to warming up with a hot beverage here, the cafe also doubles as a boat rental. It might be too cold but: there’s nothing more romantic than exploring the city in a canoe or paddle boat. You’ll have reached the Outer Alster lake after only a few minutes. Once your better half gets to enjoy the now-unfolding view, there’s not much that can go wrong on your Valentine’s Day. Especially if you came prepared and use the moment to pull a nice little picnic out of your bag. 

Regardless if you chose to do some paddling or just walked along the banks of the lake, it is now time to warm up. Only a few minutes by foot lies one of Hamburg’s oldest and prettiest indoor baths, the Holthusenbad. The beautiful sauna area should be exactly what you need right now.

From here, the U3 train takes you south to St. Pauli station. Planten un Blomen park is just around the corner. If you walk north through the beautiful park, you’ll reach Europe’s largest outdoor ice-skating rink. Hold hands and glide over the ice together!

The sun is setting over Hamburg. A perfect time for you to head south towards Landungsbrücken piers, from where you can enjoy a great view of the last sun rays reflecting on the Elbe river. Embark on a romantic boat cruise through the harbour and the many canals of Speicherstadt UNESCO site. In a unique atmosphere like this, your lover’s affection will be yours.

You can’t miss the Elbphilharmonie, towering majestically above the river. If times allows it, see an orchestra perform or head for the plaza to get a perfect view of the river. The HafenCity and Speicherstadt districts are also the perfect place to top off the evening with a candlelight-dinner. Gourmet restaurants like Stricker’s Kehrwiederspitze, VLET, The Table, Wandrahm, Coast, or the mansion-like Wasserschloss fit this very special occasion just perfectly. 

Valentines Day


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Valentines Day