It takes less than 4 hours by catamaran to get to the island from Landungsbruecken

Helgoland Island

Take a ferry to Helgoland. 70 km offshore, the island is famous for its Lange Anna spire, cliffs of red rock, sandy beaches and wildlife.

Helgoland Island

Wellness Island 

The car-free environment on the island of Helgoland makes it the ideal destination for health and wellness holidays. Helgoland is well connected with Germany, with regular ferries arriving from Büsum, Hamburg, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven. Wherever you take the boat from, visitors can't help but be amazed on arrival at the red cliffs that make up the island.

Helgoland Culture

The fresh, virtually pollen-free air in Helgoland and mild sea climate make it a truly relaxing experience. The many trails across the island can guide visitors through the island's array of flora and fauna, to Lummenfelsen ─ the world's smallest conservation area.
The Island’s museum can also give visitors a taste of its history and culture ─ or, get closer to the culture with a trip to the fishermen's houses in the harbour. A heritage listed site, visitors can try a world-famous, locally caught delicacy ─ Helgoland lobster.