Hamburg by Foot Planten un Blomen Route (1h)

This walk through the green heart of Hamburg leads you from the Inner Alster lake along the Colonnaden to Planten un Blomen park.​​​​​​

Planten un Blomen

Walking Route: Planten un Blomen Park

This walk through the green soul of Hamburg starts on the Inner Alster lake and winds its way along the Colonnaden shopping street, which offers whitewashed arcades and a multitude of street cafes.

By the Dammtor war monuments on the end of the street, you can enter Planten un Blomen park. The vast green area was largely built on the ruins of the old fortifications that protected Hamburg from aggressors in the Napoleonic wars. Walk along the banks of the 'Wallanlagen' lake until you reach the tropical greenhouses as well as the Mediterranean terraces. The following segment of the park offers the popular (ice)skating rink, mini golf links and several playgrounds.

Planten un Blomen


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