Hamburg by ... Train

Keen to explore Hamburg by train? The network will get you anywhere in the city and to the most beautiful sights around Hamburg.​​​​​​​

Hop on the train and explore the city by tracks The U3 passes Saint Michel's church and some other beautiful sights

Hamburg by Train

What is a daily commute for many Hamburgers can be an exciting adventure for the visitor. Hamburg’s train network is among the oldest in Germany and definitely among the most scenic. Don't worry if signage looks confusing. Across the city S stands for suburban and U for underground trains. In central Hamburg underground lines run in circles to connect the residential districts. Main arteries are serviced by suburban trains and interconnect at Central. Further afield, RE is a regional/commuter train and IC travels interstate. However, the ICE sounds like gelato on tracks but instead has the interstate railway travel express.

Because Hamburg is sloping towards the river the subway or underground actually travels on stilts along the waterfront and offers panoramic views across the docks, Landungsbrücken, and Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Within 30 minutes from Hamburg suburban trains can take you to picturesque Aumühle to the East, Poppenbüttel and the Walddörfer (lit. forest villages) to the Northeast, classy Blankenese and Wedel to the West, and Harburg to the South. Within an hour you’ll be in the Hanseatic capital Luebeck, sailing city Kiel, and beautiful Bremen.

On weekends, the railway museum in Aumühle invites enthusiasts to travel back in time and explore historic coaches and operate a model signal switch.

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