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Authority for Traffic and Mobility Transition

Meet the Behörde für Verkehr und Mobilitätswende: their transport trade supervisory authority is responsible for taxi traffic in Hamburg.

We are the Hamburg Authority for Traffic and Mobility Transition (Behörde für Verkehr und Mobilitätswende or BVM). We have been working closely with the Hamburg taxi industry for many years and, in particular, with the Arbeitsgruppe Taxi task force, along with Hamburg’s taxi associations, taxi brokers and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce to develop perspectives for the industry. The transition to emissions-free services, the 'inclusion taxi' for passengers living with disabilities, the diversification of offers, and the integration into wider public transport offers have been the central topics. A large number of taxi operators are regular and welcome guests as well. Together we have developed ideas on how we can make the taxi industry fit for challenges. The result is now available: the Zukunftstaxi project with taxis as part of the mobility transition. 

You have all contributed to the fact that the taxi industry is positioned as a reliable and professional partner today. Together we managed to equip Hamburg's taxis with the so-called 'fiscal taximeter'. Tax compliance and compliance with social regulations such as the Working Hours Act (Arbeitszeitgesetz) and the minimum wage are standard in Hamburg. 

Together we should now take the next step and show that taxis can make their contribution to climate protection and accessibility. We are moving in line with the new goals of the Passenger Transport Act (Personenbeförderungsgesetz), which obliges transport companies that travel with state concessions to do so. They are in competition with further developing offers in local public transport such as the new on-demand transports, the new private pooling transports and the mobility platforms, which are also becoming more and more popular with rental cars, car sharing, e-scooters and bicycles. 

We ask you to take part and make your contribution. With emissions-free vehicles, with options for wheelchair users and passengers with other disabilities and restrictions, with new offers such as bicycle transport, with your constant availability and your professional and individual mobility options that also meet the special requests of the passengers. This is important now for the people, for the city and, last but not least, for the future of your business. 

Allow us one last comment: you will find a large number of partners participating in our Zukunftstaxi project who are also in competition with one another and who are not always completely 'green'. We made a conscious decision not to be exclusive here, but to pool our strengths in order to accept and face great challenges together. We would like to thank you in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Your Traffic Trade Supervisory Authority (Verkehrsgewerbeaufsicht)

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