Visitors Explore


Interactive museums like Miniature Wonderland, Dialog im Dunkeln or the Hamburg Dungeon are a fun experience for the young and young at heart.​​​​​​​

Explore the City’s Dark Side at Hamburg Dungeon

The more adventurous Hamburg visitors will love this major attraction. Professional actors guide you along 600 years of Hamburg’s history ─ dressed as pirates and executioners. The 90 minutes at Hamburg Dungeon also include two rides.

See Hamburg From a Different Perspective

Right next door from Hamburg Dungeon, at Miniature Wonderland, you can explore the world and Hamburg from an entirely different perspective. This one-of-a-kind miniature railway system regularly pops up as one of the undisputed highlights of the city. 

Get to Know Hamburg in the Dark

Could you imagine life without vision? Dialog im Dunkeln (lit. 'dialogue in the dark') is a unique experience where blind people guide you through their world. Visitors are challenged to orientate themselves in a pitch black room and perform everyday tasks such as ordering coffee and crossing the street. The world is turned upside down as you dive into a world of smells and sounds. Get to know Hamburg from the perspective of blind and visually handicapped people.