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Viva la Bernie! This block party is entirely set up by the community. Mixing cocktails, making waffles, booking hip-hop acts: the locals do it all.

Bernstorffstrassenfest is a classic street festival. Bernstorffstraße, a relatively unassuming little street, is tucked away between the high apartment buildings of St. Pauli and Altona Altstadt, acting as a transit way between the two party areas of Schanzenviertel and Reeperbahn. In such a hip neighbourhood, it's no surprise that many creative types come together to exchange and share ideas.

In 2001, the idea of celebrating this vibrant community came to life and the Bernstorffstrassenfest was born. With the exception of 2008, the block party has taken place annually ever since, remaining mostly unchanged throughout the years: most importantly, unlike many other street festivals, it is organised by the community and that's how we like it. Professional event marketing takes a back seat while sustainability, artistic integrity and communal spirit reign supreme.

This is expressed in the flea market, the many self-organised cocktail and food stands, as well as in the fine selection of Hamburg’s stellar music acts. Fans of hip-hop especially should mark their calendars when it’s time for this one-of-a-kind party that is sure to bring you beautiful urban summer vibes all day and almost all night. 

More information by visiting Bernstorffstrassenfest online.


22767 Hamburg


13 July 2024

Opening hours:

Flea market: from 10 a.m.

Getting there:

S1/2/3 station Reeperbahn
Bus number 3, exit Bernstorffstrasse
Bus number 283, exit Paul-Roosen-Strasse