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KinderKinder Festival

For the kids, by the kids: this music and theatre festival at Planten un Blomen features many international performances.

A festival especially for children followed by a season filled with kids' music and theatre shows ─ what better way to spend the crisp Autumn days? Every year, Hamburg-based organisation KinderKinder celebrates World Children's Day with a large kids' festival at Planten un Blomen park. On this Sunday afternoon, visitors young and old are treated to a host of music and dance performances by kids' groups from Japan, China, Uganda, Portugal, Brazil and Vietnam. In addition, children can partake in activities like kids’ yoga, handicrafts, rope-climbing, football, basketball and loads more.

And the fun doesn't stop there: During the months of September, October and November, KinderKinder organises a variety of exciting performances by music and theatre groups from around the world. The shows are directed at kids of various age groups ─ from toddlers to preteens.


20-29 September 2024

For more information, visit KinderKinder online.