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Open Air Music Fest by the Sea

Deichbrand Festival

This 'levee fire' has grown steadily and now ranks among Germany’s largest music festivals, largely due to its unique location.

Since 2005, Deichbrand Festival has grown steadily in size. From humble beginnings with only 500 visitors, it took several relocations, good decision-making and a lot of elbow grease to become the mega event it is today. In 2019, a stunning 60,000 music fans are expected to dance and party on an airfield just outside of Cuxhaven.

Music Wherever You Look

Northern Germany isn’t exactly undernourished when it comes music festivals. In addition to countless smaller events, the greater Hamburg metropolitan area is home to some of the largest and most popular music events in the country. The Wacken and Hurricane festivals just outside the city are responsible for the region’s reputation as a second-to-none music hub. In the last couple of years, two more festivals joined the already impressive array of large-scale events: Dockville and Deichbrand. While the former takes only a short ride across the river from central Hamburg, the latter is located near the town of Cuxhaven, a mere 120 kilometres from Hamburg. The unique location of the festival grounds makes up for the travel: the airfield is only about 20 minutes away from the North Sea. The protective walls along the Wadden Sea even gave the festival its name: Deichbrand means ‘levee fire’. A location so close to the sea allows visitors to just plan summer holidays around seeing their favourite bands and artists appear on stage. In years past, some of the biggest international names have included: 30 Seconds to Mars, the Chemical Brothers and Biffy Clyro.

In addition, another 100 smaller and more locally-known bands, artists and DJs round out the 4-day spectacle.

For everyone

Deichbrand Festival has even more to offer than acclaimed musicians. Whether you want to party all night or prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, Deichbrand has the right kind of accommodations for everyone. You can pitch a tent, you can park your van on the campsite, or you stay at the cozy Comfort Village. You have the chance to rent a tent or a sustainable spot in the Green Camping area. For your convenience, there’s even a fully-stacked supermarket on the camp ground.


18-21 July 2024


Sea Airport
Cuxhaven / Nordholz

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