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Are you thinking about studying abroad? Hamburg, Germany's second largest city, has a lot to offer for students.

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This lively city was a member of the Hanseatic League in medieval times and you can still discover old historic and traditional buildings, like the historic warehouses in Speicherstadt and the impressive City Hall in the city centre. Besides its impressive architecture and historical significance, Hamburg is also a modern metropolis. The city combines historic charm with a vibrant and open-minded, modern lifestyle. There's a lively art and music scene, with lots of festivals, all year round! Best of all is Hamburg's laid-back, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere.

Hamburg is also a well-known centre for research and has been the home of many brilliant minds from all over the world. Students as well as scholars come here to exchange ideas and benefit from each other's knowledge and diversity. Most university courses are held in German, but increasingly, courses are held in English, too.

Higher Education

In Germany, there are two types of higher education institutes. Regular universities are focused on scientific research, while Fachhochschulen (Universities of Applied Sciences) offer more practical training. Institutions can be public or private and differ in academic and professional focus, as well as degree type. Check out this list of universities in Germany, familiarise yourself with the institution of your liking and make sure its degrees are internationally recognised.

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