'Forum' inside the Hamburg University of Music and Drama

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The Hamburg University of Music and Theatre (HfMT) is one of Germany's largest academies of its kind. 

Hamburg University of Music and Theatre (HfMT)

HfMT University of Music and Theatre was founded in 1950. Courses vary from classical training (e.g. in singing or drama) to theatre direction and music teaching. Located on the Outer Alster lake, the impressive building provides the highest level of artistic education to all students. HfMT boasts 83 classrooms, theatre and opera studios, dance studios and a main concert venue which seats over 400 people. The university furthermore hosts hundreds of cultural events every year, making it one of the most prominent cultural institutions in Hamburg.


In 2005, the Theaterakademie was founded to teach, amongst others, the subjects of singing, dramaturgy and opera. Located in a separate building from the one on the Alster lake, it has a range of courses, including film and musical theatre directing. Students can gain practical experience right from the start of their studies, through performances and internships, and in a city as culturally rich as Hamburg, they are in the perfect environment to enhance their studies.

Tuition fees and entry

Like many other universities and academies, HfMT doesn't charge tuition fees. In addition to the artistic entrance exam, students must prove their German language proficiency. Most courses require a B2 level of German (according to the Common European Framework Reference for languages), however, some courses, such as composition, music theory and all doctoral courses have their own custom requirements.

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