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HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg was founded in 1767, and offers a wide range of subjects for a higher education in fine arts and sciences.

HFBK Hamburg

HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg

HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg is a competitive arts academy accepting only a small number of applicants every year. With just a few hundred students, the HFBK promotes experimentation and encourages students to find innovative solutions to issues in the arts. Subjects cover a range of artistic areas ― from 'classical' artistic disciplines, such as painting and sculpture, to stage design and contemporary media.

Degree programmes

Consecutive bachelor's and master's programmes offer students the opportunity to connect various subjects and follow their own interests. In fact, first-year students are encouraged to explore all artistic areas in order to find their own preference. Students may choose to combine a variety of disciplines or to simply focus on one. Classes are taught in the form of small seminars and individual or group tutorials, and students work intensively in studios.


HFBK has a well-stocked arts library (website in German): particularly well-represented is 20th and 21st century art, and monographs of work by international artists and designers. Additionally, HFBK has been compiling an archive of staff and student files, art collections and a press archive since the 1990s in order to better assist scientific and cultural research and teaching.

Tuition fees and entry

HFBK, like many other universities in Hamburg, charges no tuition fees. Although there is the occasional guest lecture held in English, courses are conducted primarily in German, so a good grasp of the language is necessary. The HFBK offers German courses to students who need to improve their language skills. 

For further information see the official website.

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