Shopping Farmers' Markets

Shop for fresh produce, meat, fish, cheese and more at the many local farmers' markets held around Hamburg on a daily basis.​​​​​​​

Fresh vegetables at Farmers' Market in Hamburg

Farmers' Markets

Looking for fresh produce? You'll find plenty of it at the weekly farmers' markets on the streets and squares of Hamburg. Every neighbourhood has at least one weekly market where locals can stock up on fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, bread — and perhaps some chit chat with the neighbours. Most markets take place in the mornings and early afternoon, though some are open throughout the day.

Click on the district of your choice on the map below, and you'll be sent to a (German-language) page showing the dates, times and locations of each district's markets.

Map of Hamburg districts District Wandsbek District Hamburg-Mitte Bezirk Bergedorf District Harburg District Altona District Eimsbüttel District Hamburg-Nord

Farmers' Markets


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