ÖRA Public Legal Advice

Public Legal Advice, Hamburg, Germany

Public Legal Advice (ÖRA)

Hamburg residents with low income can turn to ÖRA for low-cost legal consultation, dispute settlement and mediation assistance in all legal fields.

Public Legal Advice (ÖRA) Hamburg

ÖRA stands for “Öffentliche Rechtsauskunft” (lit. public legal advice) and is open to all Hamburg residents with low income, including children and youth. Whether you qualify as having low income is assessed based on your personal situation. The main office is located at Dammtorstraße 14, with several offices spread throughout Hamburg. Here, experienced legal professionals provide consultation in all legal fields, as well as dispute settlement and mediation assistance. ÖRA advisors can provide practical assistance but cannot represent you in court.

Advice is given on a walk-in basis during consultation hours. The cost of €10 (or reduced fee €3) covers the first and any further sessions on the same case. Advice-seekers should bring proof of income and fixed charges (e.g. rental costs) along with any documentation on their case. If they don’t feel confident speaking English (or German), they can bring an interpreter.

Please note that ÖRA cannot assist people:

  • Who are already receiving legal counsel on the matter.
  • Who have legal protection insurance.
  • Who could receive legal advice from a union or association (e.g. tenants association)

For ÖRA addresses and consultation hours, please see the PDF-document attached below.