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Marry on the Elbe, inside Hagenbeck's Zoo or at a romantic restaurant with a breathtaking view: it's all possible in Hamburg.

If you'd like to get married in Hamburg, there's a wide range of choice concerning the ceremony and party locations. Unlike in some other countries, the official part of the marriage must be done by a registrar working at a city registry office (Standesamt). Any religious ceremonies will have to take place afterwards. 

Many people choose to wed inside a wedding room at the local register office, where they can also invite a number of guests. It's also possible to ask a registrar to wed you at a specific location, see below for options. 

Either way, keep in mind that you have to make an appointment in advance. Waiting lists are usually very long, so don't dwell on this! The fee normally varies between 250 and 300€. Expect extra fees for weddings on Sundays. On one Friday every month you can tie the knot at Phönixsaal hall inside the impressive City Hall. Alternatively, get married on a boat, on top of a high-rise building or inside the Hagenbeck Zoo ─ it's all possible!

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