COVID-19 Where to Get Your Vaccination

Vaccinations against COVID-19 can easily be obtained at your doctor's office. Please make an individual appointment.

Close-up of a femals person's shoulder with a band aid; the person is holding a yellow vaccination pass.

Places for vaccinations against COVID-19 in Hamburg

Most public vaccination points at hospitals or other publicly accessible facilities are closed by now, but vaccinations against COVID-19 can easily be obtained from your physician/GP.

Please make an individual appointment either directly at your doctor's office or by dealing the medical care line 116 117 on the phone.

In addition, vaccinations are still available at the Institute for Hygiene and the Environment’s Immunology Centre:

Impfzentrum des Instituts für Hygiene und Umwelt
Beltgens Garten 2
20537 Hamburg

Important note: If you are feeling sick, please stay home and make an appointment with your doctor's office or call 116 117. They will let you know what to do next.

COVID-19 Vaccinations