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Everyone entering Hamburg from a risk area is still obliged to spend 14 days in quarantine. From Saturday, 8 August, there are some additional rules: returnees must test for COVID-19 and submit the result to the public health department. If they fail to provide a valid result, the authority may order that an official test be carried out.

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Information on Testing for COVID-19 After Returning to Hamburg

Testing for COVID-19 is now obligatory for all persons returning from risk areas. Additionally, all travellers from risk areas must still report to the public health department. Anyone entering by bus, ship or plane can report by simply completing a specific form available at airports and stations, and passing it on to the public health department. Anyone who shows symptoms of a COVID-19-related illness and who has returned from a risk area within the previous 14 days must also report this information to the public health department.

Travellers can choose where to have testing carried out. The test centre at the airport will be available for travellers from risk areas who have just landed at Hamburg Airport. For everyone else, the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hamburg (the Association of Physicians and Psychiatrists in Hamburg) has set up two corona test centres in Altona (Stresemannstraße 54, 22769 Hamburg) and Farmsen (Berner Heerweg 124, 22159 Hamburg) in order to relieve doctors' offices. Registration is not required, but persons to be tested must provide proof of previous travel, e.g. by presenting train or plane tickets or hotel receipts.

Test results must be kept for 14 days in case the need to be presented to the responsible authority.

In addition to testing, all persons entering from risk areas must still immediately and directly undergo domestic quarantine. However, if the official test turns out negative, quarantine can be suspended. Those going to be tested may leave quarantine for a short time in order to be tested, but they must keep a physical distance of 1.5 metres to all other persons at all times, wear a face mask at all times and may not use public transport. After testing, quarantine must immediately be resumed. For more information on official quarantine orders, see section 35 of the corona regulations.

Please keep in mind that even areas for which there is no travel ban by the Auswärtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office) can qualify as risk areas. For a complete list of areas that currently qualify as risk areas, see the regularly updated publications by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). In any case, it is strongly recommended to stay in quarantine for at least one week. 

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COVID-19 Testing

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