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We've gathered some of the most fun ideas for bachelorette parties in Hamburg. Take a look!

Every bachelorette party or hen's night is different: it can be a wild party, a beer tasting tour, a relaxed spa night or maybe a weekend getaway. The most important thing is to for the bride to spend time with her best friends! Whether you're living in Hamburg or planning to visit specifically for an unforgettable hen's night, we've checked out some of the best locations and offers (note: Some of the websites are in German):

Party on the Reeperbahn

Check out the options listed below if you're looking for the classic Reeperbahn experience. As part of the traditional Reeperbahn hen’s night celebration, many brides-to-be carry a tray full of small items, including condoms, lollypops, and shots of liquor, which they sell to passersby on the Reeperbahn. When everything is sold, the profits are spent on drinks or at a strip club, like Olivias Wilde Jungs — Europe's only all-male strip club with women-only access. As such, it is a particularly popular place for hens nights and birthday parties.

Spa and wellness

Of course, partying hard isn't the only option Hamburg has to offer. Look here for inspiration for a rather relaxed hen's night, day or weekend in Hamburg.