Refugees W.I.R. Work & Integration for Refugees

W.I.R. assists refugees with integration into the Hamburg job market, as well as companies wishing to train or employ them.

Work and Integration for Refugees in Hamburg, Germany

W.I.R. Work & Integration for Refugees

W.I.R. is a joint project headed by the Hamburg Administration of Labour, Social, Family Affairs and Integration (BASFI) that helps employable refugees aged 25 years and up to integrate into the job market as quickly and sustainably as possible. At contact points in St. Pauli, Bergedorf and Harburg, eligible refugees receive advice and practical support tailored to their personal situation, e.g. formal and informal working experience, health and legal status. In addition, the W.I.R. Business Service advises and assists companies that are interested in offering internships, training or jobs to refugees.

W.I.R. services are available to refugees with a residence permit as well as to asylum seekers and tolerated foreigners from unsafe countries aged 25 and up, who are new clients at the Jobcenter,, or the Hamburg Employment Agency. Applicants should have professional skills and/or an academic background that allows for skilled work, and generally be interested in developing their professional perspectives in Germany.

In order to adequately assist both refugees and businesses, the Hamburg Authority of Labour, Social, Family Affairs and Integration, the Hamburg Employment Agency and the Jobcenter closely cooperate with specialised sponsors, the Hamburg Authority of Health and Consumer Protection, the Hamburg Chambers and business unions.

For more information and contact details, please download one of the flyers listed below in the language of your choice, or see the official W.I.R. website (in German).

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