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Moving to Hamburg as a student or intern? Get informed, and start looking for student dorms, apartments and flatshares now.

Student Housing

Student Accomodation

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Student Residences

A low-cost option for student accommodation are the residences managed by the non-profit association Studierendenwerk Hamburg. With 24 residence halls that can accommodate over 4,200 occupants, Studierendenwerk is the largest provider of student accommodation in Hamburg.

The residences are only available to students enrolled at public Hamburg universities, as well as students at the Studienkolleg, the Zentralkolleg, the Conservatorium in Blankenese and Bucerius Law School. Up to 50% of the places at the halls of residence managed by the Studierendenwerk Hamburg are available for international students. The percentage of international students studying at Hamburg universities is 10%.

Such accommodations provide a furnished bedroom and communal kitchen, living room and bathroom shared by the 10 to 15 people on one floor.

You can submit an application online to join the waiting list up to three months prior to your move-in date. Due to the high demand, it is suggested that you do so as early as possible. In addition, you may be able to reserve a guaranteed furnished room by booking the so-called Service Package.


It’s also very common among students in Germany to share a flat with several flatmates ('Mitbewohner' in German). In order to successfully move into a vacant room in a shared flat (’Wohngemeinschaft’ or 'WG'), it is likely you'll have to introduce yourself at a ’Mitbewohner-Casting'. It's important to know that people are usually looking for someone sociable and reliable, so it’s advisable to present yourself that way. Rental prices start at around EUR 400 per month and can rise significantly due to the high demand for student accommodation in Hamburg. 

Temporary stays

Students or interns who will only stay in Hamburg for a few weeks or months have several options for accommodation. StudierendenWerk offers temporary leases for furnished rooms in student residences.  Another option is to look for sublets. Keep an eye out for listings that include the phrases 'Zwischenmiete', 'Untermiete', 'Wohnen auf Zeit' or 'Befristete Miete'​​​​​​​, all of which which indicate temporary leases.

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