Housing Moving

Whether you're moving within Hamburg or from further away: we've listed several services you might be needing to start your relocation process.

Moving in Hamburg

Moving to a new place is always exciting - especially if you're moving from overseas. Whether you're planning to bring all of your furniture or packing just the basics, we've listed several services that will come in handy for your move.

Parking permits

Did you know you can reserve a parking spot for your removal van on the day of your move? While it is possible to arrange the so-called 'Haltverbotszone' yourself at your local police station, it's easier to contact a local removal company that offers this service, as they have access to the official traffic signs that are required. Depending on the duration and location of your move, this service costs around €100.


Paper, bulk waste, electronics and green waste: when you're moving houses, you probably don't want to take everything with you. Hamburg has 12 recycling points (see map) where you can dispose of many different kinds of waste. Depending on the type and amount of waste, you may do so for free or for a fee. Furniture in good condition may be brought to one of the Stilbruch stores in Wandsbek or Altona.