Bicycle Campaign Hamburg

Green Hamburg Fahrradkampagne Hamburg

The Fahrradkampagne Hamburg campaign promotes bicycle use in the city with many different events and activities. 

Fahrradkampagne Hamburg Campaign - Biking in Hamburg

There are countless good reasons to go cycling. Next to being healthy, fun and affordable, riding bikes also brings people together. Just like Hamburg-based musicians Nico Suave, Tonbandgerät, Chefboss und Cäthe were brought together to write and perform a song about their favourite pastime - riding their bikes through the streets of Hamburg. Their song 'Von Hamburg bis zum Meer' (lit. 'From Hamburg to the Sea') will be stuck in your ear ... and hopefully you too will choose your bike a little more often. 

The song is just the first part of the Fahrradkampagne Hamburg campaign, which sets out to promote Hamburg as a bike-friendly city. Many more activities and events are planned for the near future. For further information on all things cycling in Hamburg, see the official website. 

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