KEHR.WIEDER Initiative - Bring your own cup

Green Hamburg The KEHR.WIEDER Initiative

In order to reduce waste from disposable coffee cups, more than 250 Hamburg cafés offer customers discounts for bringing reusable containers.

The KEHR.WIEDER Initiative

More than 250 cafés and shops around Hamburg have formed an innovative alliance to help protect the environment. With the KEHR-WIEDER (lit. 'return') initiative, the participating cafés hope to make disposable coffee cups a thing of the past. From November 2017 onwards, customers are rewarded with a 10 to 30 cent discount on hot beverages when bringing their own, reusable coffee cups.

So far, many city-wide coffee, bakery and fast-food chains as well as several independent coffee shops are already taking part in the initiative — with more to come. Simply look for the KEHR.WIEDER sticker at the door of your favourite café or see the interactive map for a concise overview of participating locations.

The project was initiated by the BUE Agency for Environment and Energy. They lead by example, having completely banned disposable cups from their in-house cafeteria. It’s estimated that this step will save around 15,000 paper cups per year. On a nationwide scale, millions of take-away coffee cups are thrown away every year, so there’s plenty more potential for waste reduction.