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Underground Line U5

The construction of the U5 train line will better connect north-eastern and north-western neighbourhoods with the city centre and important infrastructure.

Spanning a stunning 24 kilometres, the new U5 underground train line is planned to connect rather remote suburbs, such as Steilshoop, Bramfeld and Lurup with the city centre and important infrastructure facilities, such as the Hauptbahnhof (main station), the exhibition halls, the university and the UKE university hospital.

An automated city train

Of course, plenty more leisure and cultural landmarks will be served by the new line as well, for example the Stadtpark (city park), Kampnagel, Hagenbecks Tierpark, and the arenas and the stadium at Volkspark Altona.

Running underground in newly built tunnels for most of its length, the U5 will be the first fully automated means of public transport in Hamburg, allowing for departures from the stops every 90 seconds. This is supposed to be a major relief for Hamburg’s key arterial roads as well as crowded bus lines.

Construction period: late 2021–2028 (eastern segment); 2025–2035 (western segment)