Infrastructure Hamburger Deckel

Smoother traffic, less noise and more green areas: Hamburg is roofing the A7, connecting neighbourhoods in the western districts.

Aerial view rendering of Hamburger Deckel section in Hamburg-Schnelsen

Hamburg is roofing the A7 Autobahn

Started in 2014, this ongoing project will literally put a lid (German: Deckel) over the A7 Autobahn that currently divides the neighbourhoods in the Altona and Eimsbüttel districts. Along with construction work to broaden the traffic lanes of the Autobahn, the roofing construction aims to provide noise protection for the neighbouring residents and offer more space for Kleingärten allotment gardens, parks and recreation.

A roof for the western districts

As of 2021, construction has finished on the northernmost roof in Schnelsen (spanning 560 metres) and the middle section in Stellingen (893 m), with the green areas on top of the Deckel to be finished by mid-2022. Construction of the southern section in Othmarschen (2,300 m) is scheduled to begin in 2021 with an estimated runtime of approximately eight years.

When this large-scale infrastructure project is finished, there will be significantly more green spaces in the west of Hamburg, offering a nearly continuous greenway from the Volkspark Altona park all the way down to the Elbe river. Also, the Stellingen neighbourhood will be reconnected and in Schnelsen there are plans for a new community centre with apartments and cafés.

For more comprehensive information on this large-scale construction project, see the city's official brochure in English.

Construction period: 2014–2028 (estimated)

Hamburger Deckel