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Civil Services

Child Care & Education

Hamburg is a great place for raising and educating children, with kitas and schools in any neighbourhood. Learn all the basic facts to keep track of the education system.


Child Care

The Kita – Basic Information

Can I send my child to child care in Hamburg? What kinds of child care are there? And what does 'kita' even mean?

Child Care

How to Find a Kita Spot

Finding the right kita for your child can be tricky. Here is some useful information on how to find the right...

Child Care

Kita Voucher

Hamburg has its own programme to ensure the best possible care for every child: the kita voucher. Read all you...

Child Care

Kita Care Hours

Optional care hours at kitas As a general rule, childcare in kitas is provided five days per week. Krippe...


Information for Young Adults

JIZ - Youth Information Center

The JIZ information centre provides young adults with information on school and education, university, vocational training, professional work, and many other topics.

Further Education


Why Study in Hamburg

Hamburg is a great city for higher education. Here is a guide to Hamburg's universities and colleges, including enrollment and fees.

Hamburg Welcome Portal

Financial Support for International Students

Studying abroad can be costly. Find out whether you qualify for an educational grant or financial support through scholarship programmes.

Civic Education

State Agency for Civic Education

The Landeszentrale für politische Bildung provides residents with information and support on all matters of civic education.