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Apply for a new identity card when it expires

If your ID card expires, you will need to apply for a new one if you are over 16 years old and do not have a valid passport document. Continue

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Maternity recognition

If you would like to make a declaration recognizing the motherhood of your child, if your home law or the law of the country in which the child has his habitual residence requires this. Continue

Apply for a residence permit for international law, humanitarian or political reasons as a result of a confirmation of admission

The Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community can order that you be granted admission as part of a specific group of people. As a result of the admission confirmation, you can be granted a residence permit or settlement permit. Continue

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Apply for an extension of your residence permit if you have particular political interests

If you have been granted a residence permit or settlement permit as a result of an acceptance letter, you can apply for an extension under certain conditions. Continue

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