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Apply for an exemption from the ban on working on Sundays and public holidays

If you, as an employer, would like employees to work in your company or business on a Sunday or public holiday, you need a permit for this. Continue

Apply for exceptions to the Working Hours Act

Apply for express passport

The delivery time for a passport is usually at least 2 weeks. If you need a passport at short notice, you can apply for the passport in an express procedure. Continue

Make an appointment online, locations Hamburg Service

Apply for a permit for occasional bus and coach services

Would you like to run a bus and coach company? You can obtain the necessary approval for this from the approval authority responsible for you apply for. Continue

Declaration of consent for minors when traveling without a guardian

If your child or another minor for whom you have custody goes on a trip abroad without your companion, it is advisable to provide them with an informal declaration of consent and a copy of your own ID page in addition to the required identification ... Continue

Occupational safety in Hamburg

The Office for Occupational Safety has the legal mandate to monitor occupational safety in Hamburg companies and to advise and support companies in occupational health and safety. Continue

Online service: Notification of maternity leave

Offer leisure activities for children and young people

The open child and youth work facilities are open leisure activities that are aimed at all young people and are available to them free of charge. Continue

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Guardian Notarize

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