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Eimsbüttel holiday program

In the Eimsbüttel district there is a children's holiday program for children and young people who spend their holidays in Hamburg. The program, which is supported with funds from the Eimsbüttel district assembly, is aimed at all children and young ... Continue

Exemption, holiday travel regulation

In addition to the year-round ban on Sundays and public holidays, truck traffic restrictions apply on all Saturdays from July 1st to August 31st. The Holiday Travel Ordinance states that a truck over 7.5 tonnes or with a trailer is not allowed to ... Continue

Exceptions relating to traffic

Stay for the purpose of participating in the Working Holiday or Youth Mobility program

For a maximum of one year of work and travel, the following age limits apply in Germany for participation in the program: For Japan, Korea and New Zealand between 18 and under 31 years of age For Australia between 18 and under 31 years of age For ... Continue

Residence permit Hamburg

Misappropriation of living space, advertisement and approval

Living space may only be used for purposes other than residential with permission. Approval must be applied for at the district office in whose district the apartment is located. The use of living space for commercial or freelance purposes, e.g. ... Continue

Housing protection number Report vacancy

Apply for an exemption from the ban on working on Sundays and public holidays

If you, as an employer, would like employees to work in your company or business on a Sunday or public holiday, you need a permit for this. Continue

Apply for exceptions to the Working Hours Act

Apply for a permit for occasional bus and coach services

Would you like to run a bus and coach company? You can obtain the necessary approval for this from the approval authority responsible for you apply for. Continue

Apply for a rental car permit

If you want to operate a rental car business (transport of people with a car for a fee or for business purposes), then you need a permit for this. Continue

Visitor service museums

The Hamburg Museum Service provides information on all public programs / events in 18 Hamburg museums, be it guided tours for groups, holiday offers or children's birthdays. Continue

Night Work Permits (Construction)

With this online service, you can apply for a special permit for the operation of noisy machines and devices on construction sites at night, as well as on Sundays and public holidays. Continue

Night work permit (BSW)

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