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Vehicle registration, oldtimer

Historic license plate - black license plate As a motor vehicle cultural asset, vehicles that are over 30 years old have a special status under German law. You enjoy tax benefits and can be driven with a special classic car license plate. It works ... Continue

Internet-based vehicle registration (i-Kfz) - registration

License plate, red license plate oldtimer

Red license plates can be assigned to classic cars. This means that old-timers that are not approved can take part in events that serve to present and maintain the cultural property of motor vehicles. This also applies to test drives and transfer ... Continue

Distribution of printed maps, plans, books and brochures from the regional office for geoinformation and surveying

Hamburg's official maps: Map of Hamburg 1: 5000 (DK5) for planning, business and administration. A new edition of the German basic map 1: 5000 (DGK5), which has existed for years. maps the entire Hamburg state area with the associated islands ... Continue

Expert Committee LGV (HH)

Apply for a red gun ownership card for gun or ammunition collectors

If you want to collect weapons and/or ammunition, you must apply for a permit from the responsible weapons authority. Continue

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