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Origin-arrival-future in-house offer

The aim of Origin-Arrival-Future is culturally sensitive education about the addiction support system in Hamburg and the communication of information on the subject of 'addiction' in the communities and in the mother tongue. The removal of taboos on ... Continue

Origin-Arrival-Future Presentation of the project

The aim of Origin-Arrival-Future is to provide culturally sensitive information about the addiction support system in Hamburg and to convey information on the subject of addiction in the communities and in the mother tongue. The focus of interest is ... Continue

Business identification number (W-IdNr.)

The Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) has the task of assigning each taxpayer an identifier. This must be stated in applications, declarations and notifications to tax authorities. For this purpose, natural persons received an identification number ... Continue

ELStAM, general information on the procedure

Here you can get a rough overview of the electronic wage tax deduction features. Continue

Pay business tax

If you operate a commercial company in Germany, you are subject to trade tax. Continue

ELSTER (electronic tax return)

ELStAM, general information on tax classes and combinations

1. Supplement to the tax classes: Tax class I: Widowed employees also belong to tax class I, with the exception of the year in which the spouse died and the following year (cf. tax class III). Tax class II: If the child is registered with more ... Continue

Register business

Are you relocating your company's headquarters to a new location in Hamburg? Or will you offer additional other goods or services in the future that are unusual for the currently registered trade? In these and other cases, you must register your business. Continue

Business advertisement

Election advertising contradiction

According to Section 50 of the Federal Registration Act (BMG), the names and addresses of voters may be transmitted to parties, voter associations and other providers of election proposals up to six months before an election so that they can use them ... Continue

Identity card, electronic proof of identity

The new identity card is still proof of identity. The following data is stored on the chip in the ID card: photograph First and last name, if applicable the name of a religious order and artist birth date address nationality last day of ... Continue

Make an appointment online, locations Hamburg Service

Permission to broker real estate/loan agreements, preparation/implementation of construction projects/construction supervision or management of residential real estate

Would you like to broker real estate or loan agreements on a commercial basis? You need official permission for this. This also applies if you want to manage residential real estate on a commercial basis or prepare and carry out construction projects. Continue

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