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Bulky waste disposal

What is bulky waste? Bulky waste is waste from private households that cannot be shredded by dismantling, tearing or breaking without technical effort, so that it fits into the black household waste bin. Bulky waste includes, for example: bulky ... Continue

Apply for an exemption for the commercial use of protected animals, plants and their products

If you want to sell animals, plants or products of a strictly protected species or use them commercially, you must first apply for a marketing permit from the responsible authority. Continue

Apply for one-time benefits

Moving, pregnancy, childbirth: If you lack the money for certain situations in your life, you can apply for one-off benefits. Continue

apply for citizenship

Apply for benefits for the integration of the self-employed

If you receive unemployment benefit II and want to become self-employed or are already self-employed, your job center can support you with the necessary purchases of material goods and with free advice and training. Continue

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