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Register a company, business, trade or self-employment for tax purposes

If you set up a company, take a stake in a company or become self-employed, you must inform the tax office. Continue

Residence for the purpose of self-employment

Residence permit for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Continue

Residence permit Hamburg

Tax number, allocation

A tax number is issued by the tax office to all taxpayers who have to submit a tax return or who have already submitted one. Each tax number is clearly assigned to a taxpayer (spouses / partners who are assessed together have a common tax number) ... Continue

Business identification number (W-IdNr.)

The Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) has the task of assigning each taxpayer an identifier. This must be stated in applications, declarations and notifications to tax authorities. For this purpose, natural persons received an identification number ... Continue

Electronic submission obligation, income tax returns

Since the assessment period 2011, citizens with income from profits (that is, income from commercial operations, agriculture and forestry or from freelance or self-employed activities) have been obliged to submit their income tax return ... Continue

Medical practices, registration

If you want to work independently and / or on a freelance basis or on a fee basis, you are obliged to report this to the health department. Continue

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