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show birth

The birth of a child must be reported to the registry office responsible for the place of birth. If your child is born in a hospital or other facility where obstetrics are provided, the notification of the birth will be taken over by this facility. ... Continue

Issuance of a certificate of naming

You can obtain a certificate of the name from the responsible registry office. Continue

Issuing a marriage certificate

The registry office issues documents and certified extracts from the marriage registers. Continue

change first name

You can have your first name changed under certain conditions. Continue

Marriage Certificate Exhibition

Need a marriage certificate? You can get your marriage certificate from the registry office in the area in which the marriage took place. The registry office issues them from the marriage register. Continue

Request for a certificate

Apply for a multilingual birth certificate

If you need proof of birth to present to foreign authorities, you can apply for a multilingual birth certificate. Continue

Request for a certificate

Change the order of first names

If you have more than one first name, you can change their order with a declaration. Continue

Determination or change of the child's surname

The surname of your child can be changed under certain conditions at the competent registry office. Continue

Change of surname due to the declaration on the name of life partners

There are many options when it comes to determining the name. In some cases, special features must also be taken into account (e.g. for the names of foreign partners or if there are children born before the civil partnership). In these cases in ... Continue

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