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Emails to the Hamburg administration, information email attachments

E-mail has proven itself as a means of communication. At the same time, however, it is also the main means of attacking IT systems in public administration. For this reason, e-mails with certain attachments are not accepted and the sending system is ... Continue

Urban data hub, consulting

The Urban Data Hub team offers innovation and technology advice. It is responsible for the Urban Data Platform in Hamburg, expanding it in terms of content and technology, and researching development needs. The UD-HUB is part of the Landesbetrieb ... Continue

Satellite positioning service

A satellite positioning service allows positioning or navigation with higher accuracy than is offered by satellite navigation, for example with GPS alone. It is aimed at professional users, for example in the field of surveying. The surveying ... Continue

Register a company, business, trade or self-employment for tax purposes

If you set up a company, take a stake in a company or become self-employed, you must inform the tax office. Continue

Special official storage of an order upon death (e.g. will)

An order on account of death, for example a will, is placed in special official custody at the local court during your lifetime. The custody data is transmitted electronically to the Central Register of Wills by the local court or notary and registered there. Continue

Information as to whether there is joint custody or whether the mother has this alone

Information about the existing custody regulations for mothers who were not married at the time of the birth of their child Continue

Request information from the custody register

Do you need information from the custody register? Find out more here. Continue

Explain joint custody of a child

If you as parents are not married to each other when your child is born, you can obtain joint custody by submitting both declarations of custody. Continue

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