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Apply for BAföG for a course of study

You can receive financial support for your studies or internship if your parents do not have a higher income or you have been employed independently for a long time. This support is called BAföG. Continue

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As a parent of a well-integrated foreigner, apply for an extension of your residence permit

If you as a parent have a residence permit here because your minor child also has one, you can have your residence permit extended under certain conditions. Continue

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Authentication of documents and certificates issued abroad

The transcripts / copies of foreign documents can only be authenticated to a very limited extent. The documents must be in German - in the form of certified translations. The certificate of origin must be provided with an apostille or legalization. Continue

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Declarations of commitment, stay up to 3 months

If you want to invite a foreign visitor who needs a visa to enter the country, it is usually necessary for you to submit a declaration of commitment to Hamburg Service. With this declaration, you undertake to ensure the visitor's livelihood, ... Continue

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Determination of helplessness and levels of care allowance for war victims

If you are helpless as a result of an injury, you can apply for a monthly care allowance. Continue

Registration for marriage, with foreign participation

The registration of the marriage takes place at the registry office of the main or secondary residence of a fiancé. The marriage can then take place at any German registry office. For this purpose, an authorization for the marriage registry office is ... Continue

Benefits for refugees according to the Victim Compensation Act OEG

If you suffer damage to your health in Germany as a result of an intentional, unlawful physical attack, for example physical injury, you can apply for benefits with regard to this damage to your health. Continue

Apply for express passport

The delivery time for a passport is usually at least 2 weeks. If you need a passport at short notice, you can apply for the passport in an express procedure. Continue

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