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Follow-up application for housing benefit for new applications by November 30, 2022

If the approval period specified in the notification of housing benefit comes to an end, you can submit a follow-up application for continued payment. Continue

Child day care, proof of income for new applications and subsequent applications

If, according to your own assessment, the maximum rate is payable, no information on income is required. (Please state on the questionnaire on the economic situation - see link) Continue

Assessment according to §§19, 21, 22a StVZO EG vehicle approval regulation - TÜV

Acceptance and changes to the vehicle as a technical test center for Hamburg; Assessments for compliance with national and EU regulations. Continue

Midwifery request

If you are pregnant or have just given birth, you can use the services of a midwife. Continue

Driving license, advanced seminar for novice drivers

The trial period is valid for two years after the driver's license has been issued. If the novice driver drives error-free during this time and without violating the road traffic regulations (StVO), it expires automatically. However, if the driver ... Continue

In the case of sustainable integration, apply for a residence permit following a tolerated stay

If you are tolerated in Germany and have integrated yourself sustainably into society, you can apply for a residence permit under certain conditions. Continue

Residence permit Hamburg

Social assistance, basic security in old age and in the event of permanent disability

Anyone who has reached the age of 65 is entitled to basic security benefits. This only applies to people who were born before January 1st, 1947. For people born after December 31, 1946, the age limit will be increased as follows: for those born in ... Continue

Request information from the directory about the owners of a business, a trade that does not require a license or a trade similar to a trade

You may have a legitimate interest in information from the register of owners of a license-free trade or a trade similar to a trade. You can obtain this information from the responsible chamber of crafts. Continue

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