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Apply for approval of an aviation event

If you wish to host an event at your airport where aircraft are displayed in flight or compete against each other then you will need a permit. You must apply for this at the responsible authority. Continue

aviation event

Drone flights for surveying purposes

With the Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung (LGV) own unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or drones, we collect data for you quickly and securely. Continue


Photogrammetry (image measurement) is a measurement and evaluation process to determine its spatial position or three-dimensional shape from photographs and precise measurement images of an object. Current application in the LGV is primarily in ... Continue

Apply for permission to erect obstacles to air traffic

You must have cranes, wind turbines, sky projectors and other potential obstacles approved near the airport or airfield. Businesses and citizens can obtain information from the Air Transport Department and apply for the necessary permits. Continue

Set up the crane in the airport area

Aircraft noise protection

Would you like information about aircraft noise? Then read on here. Continue

Apply for certification of trainers in the field of aviation security

If you need certification as a trainer in aviation security, you can apply for this through the airport operator at your aviation security authority. The certification is the basis for working as a trainer in the field of aviation security Continue

Aviation security training and certification

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