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Ensuring operational safety - Apply for permission to set up and operate storage facilities for flammable liquids

If you want to build, operate a storage facility for flammable liquids with a flash point <23°C and a capacity of more than 10,000 liters or make certain changes that affect the safety of the facility, you must apply for a permit. Continue

Apply for permission to test and demonstrate theatrical fireworks

If you want to plan or demonstrate a performance with pyrotechnic articles such as fireworks in film, musical and television venues as well as in theaters and at concerts, you must apply for a permit. Continue

Application for permit of theater fireworks

Waste and Disposal - Ship Waste

In the Port of Hamburg, all suitable waste disposal solutions for oily residues, ship waste water, chemicals and solid waste are offered for seagoing ships, but also for inland waterways and port ships. Continue

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