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Voting as a person without a fixed address

As a person entitled to vote living in Hamburg without a permanent residence, you can only take part in elections if you register in advance in the register of those entitled to vote.

Canopies over public areas

The use of public traffic areas (streets, paths or squares) beyond common use requires a special use permit. This includes the installation of canopies, fixed canopies and awnings on private buildings that protrude into the public space.

housing emergencies

If you are threatened with homelessness due to rent arrears or rent disputes or if you live in a homeless shelter, we will give you help in the form of advice on how to keep your home or rent a suitable apartment.

Reference system, data delivery

If you need height and position benchmarks for the connection of surveys of all kinds, you've come to the right place.

Hamburg floodplains

Information and the interactive map are available at Read the instructions here.

Apply for BAföG for a course of study

You can receive financial support for your studies or internship if your parents do not have a higher income or you have been employed independently for a long time. This support is called BAföG.